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Moore Construction Company, Inc. is a well established contractor with a reputation of quality, value and experience second to none in Tennessee and Kentucky. Moore Construction has always kept one goal in mind- QUALITY.

The company has grown over the years, utilizing the fundamental practices of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. At Moore Construction, no job is worth doing if it is not done right. Secondly, no matter what the circumstances, we want the customer to welcome us back. No matter where you go, you will find satisfied clients of Moore Construction.

Moore is widely known as one of the premier contractors in the industry. Moore Construction Company, Inc. is a full service utility contractor performing new installation, plant work, pump station construction, cured-in-place lining, manhole rehabilitation, T.V. inspection, SSES (Sewer System Evaluation Survey) studies, pipe bursting, blasting, and civil design.

Moore can complete any and all phases of a project from the initial designs through completion and evaluation. Working as a complete service contractor, we feel that better quality and increased productivity will result in customer savings.

Moore employs experienced, qualified personnel in their respective field. The employees ARE the company. Fifteen percent of our work force has been with the company for over 30 years. On average our employees have 22 years experience in the construction industry and fifteen with Moore Construction.

With solid leadership, sound fundamentals, experienced personnel, and quality workmanship, Moore Construction has been able to not only survive but also excel in an extremely challenging industry for more than 38 years. Our company is poised for growth and looks forward to the possibilities and challenges of the future.